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US Elections 2016


US Elections 2016

During US Presidential Election I worked as a freelance correspondent for ‘Grupo Nación de Comunicaciones’. I reported from Washington DC to Paraguay with daily updates for 970 AM radio. During election day, I wrote articles for ‘La Nación’, a nationwide newspaper of Paraguay.

Below a picture of the newspaper page, published on November 9th, 2016 in La Nación. It tells the story of two Paraguayans living in the United States for more than 20 years, and their expectations about the new government.

Click below to read the story.

[Spanish] ‘Paraguayans demand inclusive migration policy and work’.

Follow the links below to listen to the audio of the daily updates on election day.

[Spanish] A lot of uncertainty on election day in the US.

[Spanish] Controversial US elections: Will it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

[Spanish] 13-14 million Hispanics vote in election day.

[Spanish] US elect outsider, alert for politicians.

Click below to read full article published on La Nación online about the latin vote. An analysis of Ph.D. Roberto Korzenievwicz, professor of Latin-American Studies from University of Maryland.

[Spanish] “Trump’s harsh speech will influence on the Latin vote”.