Welcome to my website. My name is Belén Mora.

I’m a broadcast journalist from Paraguay. I’m bilingual, with strong skills in Spanish and English. Thank you for checking out my website. I hope you’ll learn more about me by exploring my work and experience. Feel free to contact me.


Worked as a reporter, anchor and TV host on a national TV station in Paraguay for many years. Focus most of my work on political and social topics. My strong skills in Spanish and English allowed me to perform news coverage in the United State.


Worked on three of the main news radio stations in Paraguay. I performed as a reporter and co-hosted daily radio programs. Performed as a Chief Content Producer on a local radio station.


Published news articles on a nation wide newspaper as a freelance correspondent, while in the United States. Reported on US 2016 Presidential Election, Inauguration Day and other topics of general interest for Paraguay.


Bachelor and Masters degree in Communication. As a Humphrey Fellow 2016 – 2017 I’m studying at the University of Maryland, College Park. Focus on TV production, Video innovation, Multimedia and Women in Media.



Former General Producer – Red Guarani Channel 2 (2009-2014)

“Belen Mora worked as a reporter, redactor and anchor in Red Guaraní during 7 years, in an astounding way. As a reporter she covered topics of general interest and presidential events. She also edit and produce the main newscast of the station, which she anchor. Furthermore she host a morning show where she produced and present the news. In all of her duties she perform in an ethical, efficient and responsable way, where she stand out for her professional and personal ability.”


General Director at CFA Radio 99.5 FM – CFA Communications

“Belén Mora is an excellent professional, with wide and proven knowledges on the communication field. I had the privilege to worked with her in CFA Radio, where she performed with talent and responsibility the role of General Chief Producer of Content. Belén is efficient, focus on her job and purposive. Every time that she faced challenges, she used the resources available to perform with excellence, on time and in the best way.”


Press Chief – Red Guarani Channel 2 (2009-2014)

“I had the opportunity to work with Belén Mora, as General Press Coordinator and then, Press Chief. Belen is a professional of very good judgment and facility in the moment to find different approaches to the habitual news. She combines, in a balanced way, her academic profile with the simple and didactic language that requires an audiovisual journalistic material.”



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